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Programs available:

Annual Spring Clean -up

We have an annual county-wide spring clean-up that we encourage schools to be involved in.  Either put together a group of students for the April 16, 2016 clean-up day or clean-up your school grounds.  We provide buckets with all the materials you and your group will need. 

Storm Drain Presentation

We come to your classroom educating students with hands on learning with visual results of non-point pollution and the importance of water quality.  This program is excellent for Pre-School to Grade-School aged students.

Clean Water Act Presentation

We come to your classroom educating students about the Clean Water Act, the financial impact it has had on our communities, and the importance of water quality.  We use a powerpoint presentation, hands on activity along with visual results to insure the students leave with a full understanding.  This program is excellent for High School  students Government Class. 

Project WET

Project WET is a balanced non-biased supplementary curriculum that enhances student learning is all subject and skill areas.  It is about many water related topics including atmospheric, surface and ground water, chemistry, water history, watersheds, wetlands, aquatic wildlife, and water quality, use, management, economics, rights, conservation and stewardship.    Participants who complete the 6 hour workshop will receive a Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide with a collection of over 90 innovative, interdisciplinary activities that are hands on, easy to use and FUN!   Upcoming workshops can be found on our calendar or you can request a workshop at your school.  School workshops are usually completed in two 3-hour after-school sessions. The Hendricks County Partnership for Water Quality Educator is trained in Project Wet and can do many of the projects with your classroom.

Great Community Service Project for the Spring. Book your time now!

Storm Drain Marking

Get your classroom involved in helping prevent non-point pollution by marking storm drains with the slogan "No Dumping – Drains to Waterways".  Children will be introduced to watersheds and learn where our stormwater goes.   We provide the program and supplies.  You provide the class. (Patches are available for Scout Troops that are interested in this community service project.)

Hoosier Riverwatch

Hoosier Riverwatch is a state-sponsored water quality monitoring initiative. The program was started in 1994 to increase public awareness of water quality issues and concerns by training volunteers to monitor stream water quality. Hoosier Riverwatch collaborates with agencies and volunteers to:

  • Increase public involvement in water quality issues through hands-on training of volunteers in stream monitoring and cleanup activities.
  • Educate local communities about the relationship between land use and water quality
  • Provide water quality information to citizens and governmental agencies working to protect Indiana's rivers and streams. 
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The following are just a few examples of presentations that can be given in the classroom.

Storm Drain Presentation - Designed to demonstrate how everyday activity as well as population impacts water quality.

Creek life - Demonstrates the different species that live in or near water and explains the effects everyday activity as well as population effects their health.

Clean Water Act - Designed for Government Classes.  This presentation explains the Clean Water Act and the effect it has on our Governmental Agency and residents.

We have an educator that is Project Wet certified to conduct any Project Wet Activity. 

All of our presentations are hands on and normally includes either an activity or a visual effect to get the message across.  There are presentations for all ages. 

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There are many different resources that you can use to guide your students. We have several water-related maps and activity books for students. We also have different stamps, beads and other items that can be used while teaching about the environment. There is also a collection of resource books and CD’s that can be checked out for your use. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.
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